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There has been an upswing in art theft lately so I wrote a blog on the subject and am asking if the various TMNT groups on dA would post it as a journal entry.

Some groups have begun posting it and we'd love to have TurtleTales included in that. Theft isn't limited to picture art; it occurs with literature as well. The more groups who participate in getting the word out, the better our chances are of stopping the theft.

Hummerhouse No probs sweetie! :wink:

The group has an unusual submission process. We accept things to the FAVES and GALLERY. Both are for different things.
FAVES has Folders Named and meant to hold:
Chapter Fics: ONE deviation per long fic
Authors Seeking a folder: For authors with no chapter/series fics to be read in a specific order that makes it difficult to just place all their one-shots in a Folder named with their dA username.
Betas Offering Services: No form ready yet, so provide a text deviation including an example of your mastery with the English language to show that you want to help authors finish fics!
Beta WANTED: If you want your story read for grammar issues so you can resubmit it in a more readable form, feel free to post here! Or if you at all feel uncertain about your word choices, story line-- here is where you can get help for it! Hopefully you can find the beta of your dreams to look over your story and give constructive criticism back.

BUT :iconnumberoneplz: First off...
if you have more than 15 deviations of TMNT Fanfiction able to submit to this group--> Send me a NOTE with a link to your writing folder in your Gallery if 2 folders equal 15 fanfics of tmnt goodness you will get an Contributor invite to the group!

Once we do that, I will create a Contributing AUTHOR NAME Folder Where you can sort your items into their appropriate order locations for easy reading by English-reading individuals and any one-shots or turtlecest of the same author can be placed in there. (1-10 right to left order) NOTE:: YES, you MUST have at least 15 fanfiction items to be worth my time doing so. It may take a bit but I think anyone able to produce 15 items of quality fanfiction deserves their own folder for fan love and focus.

Until you are eligible for your own 15+ deviation folder BUT STILL submit several chapters of the same story to the group gallery- the Gallery will place them in an UnSorted Chapter fics folder until you send a note with proof of 15 or more fanfiction items in your Gallery ready to be packed together in your own folder.

(Chapter 1 gets links to Prologue and Chapter 2, Chapter 2 has links back to chapter 1 or at least to Chapter 3, Final Chapter has a link to the Epilogue, etc.)
As such, Chapter Fics prepared that way will not lose out when only ONE chapter can be located!

:iconthreeplz: Let Me Explain The Gallery Folders::

ONE-SHOT is any item that does not have multiple chapters and has NO Turtlecest (aka Cestless). This does allow for ANY TMNT fandom characters. YES, even your fic of the hot dog vendor from Fast Forward is fine. Turtle Shipping/2 Turtle Romance-based One-shots and Chapter Fics (again 1 deviation per Long-fiction) can be placed unsorted into the TURTLECEST folder of the Gallery.

TURTLECEST: Only Romances between the Canon 4 Turtles Applies as Turtle OC's are not TURTLECEST! (IF you will dislike any kind of Bromance, Turtle shipping stuff- please, avoid the folder and the fiction located there. Harassment of the authors will only have you out of the group.)

First Chapters We just got so many chapter fics that we buckled and made a folder with ANY start chapter of multi-chapter fics-- completed or not! Hopefully, all fics with more than PG content or OC's will warn well or be in groups that let you know the content to a certain degree.

UNSORTED Chapter Fics: Since there is no reason to have millions of deviations to pile through to find a new story to start reading but people STILL want to submit all their chapters to the group. We got a every chapter but the first folder here. No, we will not arrange them nor will we make sure every chapter of a fic is in it. That is solely the author and their fans' job.

Writer's Resources: I am happy to collect and provide items that will help lead you to being a better writer and give you information all in one location that helps you grow as an Author. Also, feel free to add to this folder any TMNT detailing items (such as Japanese spellings of their names and ninja information).

Non-English TMNT This is a folder to allow Fiction of any other language a place to find a home. I may not really understand the whole fic but I will double check with translations if it is TMNT at all.

Any folder with a dA Username for the title will contain ONLY that Author's items and any topic the Author feels interested in posting about. Be aware of what other groups accepted the same item to have an indication of the fictions content. Be polite if reminding people about proper adult topic warnings, explanations of how to add a preview image to fanfiction are on my profile page. (AKA don't whine at anyone.)

One Small Change.

Mon Feb 1, 2016, 7:39 PM by Zelgadis55:iconzelgadis55:

After recent... issues with our local 'fandom pest', I've decided to take the necessary action of changing the join setting to the group. All new members applying to the group will need to be accepted by a vote from now on.

I decided to set the join setting this way so as not to penalise you, the already existing members. It was either screen new members or change the folder settings to needing to wait on approval before submissions could be accepted. This wouldn't affect the many members who are currently Contributors but it would have affected other Members and since the members of this group are awesome and seem to do the right thing, I figured screening new members was the best thing to do.

This way, hopefully we will avoid future unpleasantness in our group.

This all being said, new members will always be welcome!

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After voting on a name, I am proud to present the TMNT's first fanfics ONLY group!
Faves & Gallery only allow Fiction submissions. Featured has Preview images.
All resources for Fiction and Fan-written TMNT stories can go here! Any character known to be in the TMNT Universe is welcome as a story and plot addition here. OC's running into them, falling for them and beating the ever-living snot out of them-- also allowed.
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katstories Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016
Can someone explain to me how to block/report that asses crap that is appearing on my computer?
Zelgadis55 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Sadly, you can't block it... but reporting is easy. Scroll down and on the right side underneath all the stats and similar deviations info is a Report Deviation button XD After clicking on it, select whichever the appropriate offense it is, in this case, Problem Content. Then type up your explanation.
SadoraNortica Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Why did you accept that jackass' "art"? Do you not filter? I thought this was only a story group. Please take it out of the group now.
Zelgadis55 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Most folders are set to auto-accept. I woke up seeing that crap here and banned the person immediately, then sent word to Hummer to spread the word about yet another new account. Unfortunately I could not stop to remove the crap immediately as I was running late for work by then but I assure you, it's gone now, has been for a few hours, Prophetella removed it while I was at work (thank you, work wifi really is too dodgy for me to have done it then) and now new members cannot just automatically join anymore, thanks to that creep's actions. Instead, all new members will be checked to make sure they are NOT that 'person' before being accepted.
Feonix500 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016
I have a question.  I tried submitting some stories, but they were declined.  Is it because they are in PDF format?  There's a bit of a learning curve here and I'm not yet sure how to submit prose any other way.
MAQ3 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question.. Do you accept fanfictions of Swag Turtles Au?
Zelgadis55 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Any stories as long as they are TMNT related is welcome.
MAQ3 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh great and could an OC be involved in the story too? Well in my story Leonardo falls in Love with The New Girl Next Door.. 
Zelgadis55 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
It's your story, you can do what you like. As long as it has something to do with TMNT it's welcome in the group :-)
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Daring-Imaginations Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I've got a it required that you have homosexual turtles in this group?
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