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There has been an upswing in art theft lately so I wrote a blog on the subject and am asking if the various TMNT groups on dA would post it as a journal entry.

Some groups have begun posting it and we'd love to have TurtleTales included in that. Theft isn't limited to picture art; it occurs with literature as well. The more groups who participate in getting the word out, the better our chances are of stopping the theft.

Hummerhouse No probs sweetie! :wink:

The group has an unusual submission process. We accept things to the FAVES and GALLERY. Both are for different things.
FAVES has Folders Named and meant to hold:
Chapter Fics: ONE deviation per long fic
Authors Seeking a folder: For authors with no chapter/series fics to be read in a specific order that makes it difficult to just place all their one-shots in a Folder named with their dA username.
Betas Offering Services: No form ready yet, so provide a text deviation including an example of your mastery with the English language to show that you want to help authors finish fics!
Beta WANTED: If you want your story read for grammar issues so you can resubmit it in a more readable form, feel free to post here! Or if you at all feel uncertain about your word choices, story line-- here is where you can get help for it! Hopefully you can find the beta of your dreams to look over your story and give constructive criticism back.

BUT :iconnumberoneplz: First off...
if you have more than 15 deviations of TMNT Fanfiction able to submit to this group--> Send me a NOTE with a link to your writing folder in your Gallery if 2 folders equal 15 fanfics of tmnt goodness you will get an Contributor invite to the group!

Once we do that, I will create a Contributing AUTHOR NAME Folder Where you can sort your items into their appropriate order locations for easy reading by English-reading individuals and any one-shots or turtlecest of the same author can be placed in there. (1-10 right to left order) NOTE:: YES, you MUST have at least 15 fanfiction items to be worth my time doing so. It may take a bit but I think anyone able to produce 15 items of quality fanfiction deserves their own folder for fan love and focus.

Until you are eligible for your own 15+ deviation folder BUT STILL submit several chapters of the same story to the group gallery- the Gallery will place them in an UnSorted Chapter fics folder until you send a note with proof of 15 or more fanfiction items in your Gallery ready to be packed together in your own folder.

(Chapter 1 gets links to Prologue and Chapter 2, Chapter 2 has links back to chapter 1 or at least to Chapter 3, Final Chapter has a link to the Epilogue, etc.)
As such, Chapter Fics prepared that way will not lose out when only ONE chapter can be located!

:iconthreeplz: Let Me Explain The Gallery Folders::

ONE-SHOT is any item that does not have multiple chapters and has NO Turtlecest (aka Cestless). This does allow for ANY TMNT fandom characters. YES, even your fic of the hot dog vendor from Fast Forward is fine. Turtle Shipping/2 Turtle Romance-based One-shots and Chapter Fics (again 1 deviation per Long-fiction) can be placed unsorted into the TURTLECEST folder of the Gallery.

TURTLECEST: Only Romances between the Canon 4 Turtles Applies as Turtle OC's are not TURTLECEST! (IF you will dislike any kind of Bromance, Turtle shipping stuff- please, avoid the folder and the fiction located there. Harassment of the authors will only have you out of the group.)

First Chapters We just got so many chapter fics that we buckled and made a folder with ANY start chapter of multi-chapter fics-- completed or not! Hopefully, all fics with more than PG content or OC's will warn well or be in groups that let you know the content to a certain degree.

UNSORTED Chapter Fics: Since there is no reason to have millions of deviations to pile through to find a new story to start reading but people STILL want to submit all their chapters to the group. We got a every chapter but the first folder here. No, we will not arrange them nor will we make sure every chapter of a fic is in it. That is solely the author and their fans' job.

Writer's Resources: I am happy to collect and provide items that will help lead you to being a better writer and give you information all in one location that helps you grow as an Author. Also, feel free to add to this folder any TMNT detailing items (such as Japanese spellings of their names and ninja information).

Non-English TMNT This is a folder to allow Fiction of any other language a place to find a home. I may not really understand the whole fic but I will double check with translations if it is TMNT at all.

Any folder with a dA Username for the title will contain ONLY that Author's items and any topic the Author feels interested in posting about. Be aware of what other groups accepted the same item to have an indication of the fictions content. Be polite if reminding people about proper adult topic warnings, explanations of how to add a preview image to fanfiction are on my profile page. (AKA don't whine at anyone.)

Newest Members





Ack! found notes for Author folders and creating all who post requests here-- ASAP.
Edit: LE DUEX / LOS DOS / Second Edit
Okay... I had a bit of a health scare, my liver does not like pain meds so I made several folders and passed out before unlocking them... oops, no more  double pill popping. Damn is my SEVERELY SPRAINED ankle twitching now!! And i'm still a little liver toxic loopy-- bare with me peeps!

I've also spoken with police twice since Saturday! My neighbors are gun-toting drug-dealers--- woo! Story Fodder! However, we might be able to move to a location in complex with grass out front so.. Happy dance-- Boo-ya!

Okay, I might be stupidly happy to be alive after a bit of a drive by honking + threats from their car at my Window this morning. NDE's always get me in the mood to be creative-- will foist some on my folder soon.

Down ta business!

Excuse my stupidity and delay in recognizing wonderful authors & some of the most significant members in the TMNT Community on dA! Anyone else feeling left out-- please step up! (Especially you nutballs going for a full 26 ABC prompts! I'ma tossing you in your own folder if you show me the competition for that 100 pt prize is steep.)

We now have contest runner extraordinaire RachelErica, AFFA winning Sleepingseeker , the ever helpful sampsonknight and last but not least kessadawn12765 In their OWN Author FOLDERS! *Robin-style howl*
Give it up for these fic happy folk!

You guys are now part of the moderating crew, have the right to toss Anything in your folders-- literature or prose based -PLEASE and get to decide if fics just suck too much to go in the tcest folders.... Ohh scary for the rest of you peeps huh?

Be nice to them now and leave useful comments on their fanfictions. Might save you from being told you went a little ooc with that raphanardo fic. (omg I Have to ban these blended name stories from entry-- it's Intial/Intial with the penetrating partner's inital first- thar- now you know.)

Remember that contributors may rearrange the order of your literatures displayed within your folder and need to surf through your items and either remove then re-submit to your personal folder -- or happily hunt through the folders here and send your items as you find them to your personal folder. (omg spent three days doing that onc- kept reading so much!e)

Hence why I try to give Authors a folder before they have to do rearrangement of huge amounts of fic fodder. Sorry, some of you out there have blown WAY past 20 and might find your own folder a bit tedious to organize. Please rearrange or note me of any entry discrepancies you find in the folders (heh, i'm a lazzzy bum, heh- well actually we just have Wayyy too much for me to check that Every entry is placed right!)

Please remember not to submit or allow submission to the Feature folder UNLESS it is a multi-use preview pic--or yet another attempt by me to get the incomparable tobysq's TMNT Grouple noticed by our authors!

I'm counting on you people out there to improve your writing skill and find Writer's Resources and advice journals to place in the-- Writer's Resource folder.
I can't mention all the awesome software out now for authors-- so will just say--xDark OS, yWriter, Artha, Wordweb, and move along to the little people.

To members::  Tell your favorite groups to check that they are affiliates of ALL my groups-- this allows me to safely assume that affiliate members are just as turtle crazy as we are and able to tell the difference between Tcest and a glory hole. uhh-(Ok that idea goes in the plot bunny pile-- *feeds the plunny naughty piccies* Focus Ella Focus!)-

As always, I like to give affiliate members certain posting rights in my groups without forcing them to join first. When they see how often they want to submit, they can join Or stop wasting my time by posting to the wrong folders! But, i can't keep up with the explosion of groups on dA! it'd be much faster if people would just send their groups affiliate request in to my dinky things.

So, please delve into those author folders and write a commentary sentence (or 2 or 3)-- you'd be granting Wishes-- I'm sure. Even better-- if you know of a group that would adore and drool over a deviation you have come across-- PLEASE SEND deviations into Groups. It's a plus sign- know the name of the group or even a single letter in the name after you have submitted 5 items and go to town!

I just promoted the awesomeness of CharmedSerenity to take over my rescued group DimentiaForDonatello
Why? she was working for that group before I even knew she existed! Regularly, I was seeing 200+ QUALITY submissions to the group i couldn't even get my computer to load images for! I promised her as soon as i had premium membership and could control my level of moderation-- I would be adding her to the Founders. And the crazy thing is she welcomed the job-- Someone give that sweetie a premium membership m'kay?! and maybe an icon made up all for her. I'm just putting it out for the universe to take care of-- My broke ass has a toddler to chase.

Ahem.. yeah uh.. I think that's all. The other groups no one seems to be aware of are--
:iconnyninjastamps: NYninjaSTAMPS for TMNT/OC, ninja, Author commentary Stamps + more
:iconturtlemixingpalette: needs co-mods! D/L/D + R/M/R devotion! hawtness= a smutt entry- there- you could mod, too!
:iconartsupplytesters: Please submit a dev that comments on differing art supplies & Y U like 'em!
:iconplayfully4platonic: Playfully4Platonic (reorganizing, keeping Self-inserts, Lineart for coloring [my kids love it!] Redesigns, and Renaming most folders- just separating nicktoon and bayturtles soon!)

I hope to hear from more interested in posting to their very own author folder, or to have groups affiliate mine or just to pass fic ideas or look for support if they are feeling down. I do these things on the side guys-- really I do.

But, lately the place between waking and sleeping has been a little busy and the results of that will be going in my folder. And a new Non- Author folder category ia also available for all to enter!

Please, feature this in your favorites! We have a new folder to fill!…
no Patch for my sorrow -- Fanfiction Call!If anyone you know, is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please immediately seek help. You can speak with a skilled, trained counselor at a national Suicide Prevention Lifeline crisis center in your area, anytime 24/7 — call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Please feature this in your favorites to spread the word!
I grieve as an Author and write as I weep... For your pleasure, the balm that let's me sit on the sidelines without TV set and no Wi-fi. This special memorial series will start with the Title: Skip Suicide -- (Please do.) Feel free to distribute segment one with Linkback here-  Do not claim as your own.
Robin Williams literature tribute
Skip Suicide, a TMNT fanfic by Author: (and Please do.)
Turning towards Raphael’s choked sob, Michelangelo ducked the one-pound barbell as it flew into the wall beside him. Only Splinter’s quick hushing of his insulted cry, “Hey!” before it could provide adequa

There is a new folder in TurtleTales.
No Patch for my Sorrow Tribute folder

-- yes, I am calling on the TMNT Fandom to channel the sorrow and grief of recent celebrity loss. I know that the family of mutants we all adore would grieve over the loss of the magical personality that is-- was Robin Williams. Let it out and show the sorrow we all feel through our favorite boys and characters.

For those who need a prompt, I have  basic starter for a longer fic. It's welcome to all who respectfully provide a continuation. You may make your own Start as well. Writer Research is in the Author Description and an alternate location to provide comments for this concept or the story itself is thumbnailed.

If any Groups that accept ALL TMNT forms of Art is willing to host images-- I would love to hear from you. Let's give our grieving artists an outlet as well.

Please Share Again!
We need to step up as authors and explore that dark side that that temps too many of our gifted ones. By doing this, we are taking our stand to say we know that we want people to find the resources to talk [1-800-273-TALK (8255)] and That we do not judge them for seeing the dark that fights our light every day. We all need to fight the darkness in our own little ways and while the spectre of mental health can frighten some people off of doing the right thing I know  my fandom steps up for honorable acts and works to support our own.
I love you all for that and how often I hear of you darlings fighting the good fight makes me proud.

Stamp of Honorable Conduct by Prophetella

Robin Williams Charicture by ElementJax   Caricature by ElementJax ~RIP Darling fuzzy man, I Wish.. by Voodooish
I know the Afterlife welcomed you with stadium seating to see your first set.  I know you said first off that the denizens of the deep are welcome to watch as long as they keep the flaming out of the Angel wings. May the Daemons who haunted you be forever eradicated And may it be Bangarang! in the heavens tonight.
More Journal Entries

Group Info

After voting on a name, I am proud to present the TMNT's first fanfics ONLY group!
Faves & Gallery only allow Fiction submissions. Featured has Preview images.
All resources for Fiction and Fan-written TMNT stories can go here! Any character known to be in the TMNT Universe is welcome as a story and plot addition here. OC's running into them, falling for them and beating the ever-living snot out of them-- also allowed.
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